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WHISPERS Display type, 2020 + Infos Whispers is an elegant, narrow typeface with retro design. It draws its style from jazz music and from a typeface diplayed on an album cover of the band "Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac". Its hunting changes and the strong contrast between thin and thick strokes recreated the variations in rhythm that are characteristic of this music. Finally to accentuate this intention, Whispers is composed of 10 ligatures, which make it a perfect typeface for titling.
FREDDY Display type, created by Un duo dynamique (Valentin Dewez & I), 2020 + Infos The typeface Freddy was created during the workshop conducted by Roxane Gataud at the ésam (Caen). It was developed based on the following formal constraints, generated randomly at the start of the workshop: a narrow typography, sans serifs, in capitals, with a lot of contrast. The design is inspired by lapidary engravings and the popular heritage left by the Slashers in the 1980s, as a mark of the social pressure that hangs over the characters in American movies and society.
TOUZELIN Display type, light & current type, regular 2020 + Infos Touzelin is a typefaces family composed of 2 weights. It results from a reminiscence of childhood. I named it after a street in which I lived, because it brings up memories of an era of tenderness spent in a bright place. There for I tried to integrate these memories into my typography.
BUCHETTE Current type, regular, 2020 + Infos Buchette is the continuation of the Touzelin project, it also bears the name of a street where I lived. Today it is intended to be in running text use, despite its extended hunting. It is still a work in progress.
ALLURE Display type, light & bold, 2017 + Infos Allure is a family of typefaces with 8 weight variants. This typeface is based on ground lettering deformations in the road signs. Indeed, the vehicles' speed influences the motorists' perception and thus can more or less distorts their field of vision.
REFRACTION Display type, 2018 + Infos The typeface Refraction is inspired by the works of the sound poet Henri Chopin and the text "What is Chopin?" by Décio Pagnatari, available in the archives of the journal "Banana Split". Refraction is a typography under construction playing on an electrical and vibrant effect.

This typography was created during the third edition of the "Speed Writing & Fast Publishing" workshop supervised by Thierry Weyd, Bérénice Serra and Nicolas Tardy at IMEC.