Visual identity created for Ingrid Chicot, image and communication consultant. Clic here to see the website : manzelchic.
Logotype, Visual Communication, Webdesign 2021
Collaboration: Gwendoline Chicot
Collège Citoyen de France
"Changing the world can be learned." The Collège Citoyen de France is an establishment that prepares the public officials of tomorrow.
Citizen College of France, Logotype, 2021
Method: Pencil sketch
Final drawing: Jérémy Schneider
Final identity: Violaine & Jérémy
L'horizon soupire
À VENIR #3 - L'Horizon soupire is a fragmented exhibition, visible only from the street through the windows of empty premises. These areas of direct contact between art and the city are as many windows to lick, ephemeral paintings that trap the eyes of passers-by. Mixed with urban flows, the proposals of artists from the territory are networked across different neighborhoods, and in multiple forms that reflect the richness of young contemporary creation.
The horizon sighs, Poster & flyer, 2021
Curator: Collective A VENIR
Size: 22 x 14 cm
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 500
Ovive x Jean Imbert
Illustration made for Jean Imbert during his collaboration with the brand Ovive.

Illustration & Layout, 2021
Method: Pencil sketch
Final identity: Violaine & Jérémy