Défaut et singularité
dans la création de caractères typographiques
Display of historical and theoretical research on the influence and place of the reproduction tool for type designer. How do the shape characteristics generated by the technique bear witness to growing experimentation?

Interviews with Thomas Huot-Marchand, Bonjour Monde, Yoann Minet, Sandrine Nugues, Jean-françois Porchez and Alice Savoie.
Defect and singularity
in the creation of typographycal
characters, DNSEP Thesis, 2019
Size: 15,5 x 23 cm
Printing method: Laser
Number of copies: 10
Insérer titre

Abstracts written at the beginning of the thesis, a reflection on the history of typography.
Insert title
Collection of student abstracts, 2019
Size: 10 x 17,7 cm
Printing method: laser, serigraphy
Number of copies: 30
Au travers
Au travers (Through), is a series of postcards asserting my status as an author through the words of Marguerite Duras.
Postcards, 2019
Size: A6
Size: x cm
Printing method: serigraphy, risography
Number of copies: 50

Collection of book-objects relating the media history of formerly censored works, today accepted, but still matter for debates and source of prohibitions.

N•1: Sade, Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue
N•2: Mapplethorpe, Man in Polyester Suit
N•3: Roger Vadim, And God created the woman
Collection of book-objets, 2019
Size: 21 x 17,5 cm
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 3
On the edge of fantasy

Collaboration with the artist Hannah Archambault, during the design of her book "On the edge of fantasy" on the notion of fantasies. As it is a difficult concept to define, we built this book in order to leave a mark of these various intangable interviews and nuances of fantasy.
Book design, 2019
Size: 21,5 x 16 cm
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 25

The typeface Refraction is inspired by the works of the sound poet Henri Chopin and the text "What is Chopin?" by Décio Pagnatari, available in the archives of the journal "Banana Split". Refraction is a typography under construction playing on an electrical and vibrant effect.
Speed writing & Fast publishing, 2019
Size: A3
Printing method: risography
Number of copies: 70

Allure is a family of typefaces composed of 8 weight's variations. This typeface is based on ground lettering deformations in the road signs. Indeed, the vehicles' speed influences the motorists' perception and thus can more or less distorts their field of vision.
Typeface specimen, 2017
Size: 23,2 x 14,7 cm
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 3

Courbe (Curve) is a sedicessimo made from the poem "Capitale de la douleur" (1926) by Paul Éluard. It draws on the expression of the curved shapes and the folds present in this text. Typography and photography are part of this idea. Sedicessimo, as an editorial medium, highlights the transition from one extract to another. It gently reveals the typographical shapes as the reading progresses. Moreover, the reader chooses to manipulate them in his own way. He thus browses the poem, making his way through his own path.

Project in collaboration with Agathe Ruelland-Remy.
Book design, 2018
Size: A3
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 10

With the Société Métallurgique de Normandie (SMN), the Colombelles plateau is inhabited by three types of social classes confined to three types of housing: workers' habitats, foremen’s houses and villas. Yet, by the darkness of the night the noticible social differences on the façades disappear only in part. In fact, when the windows start to light up, the different architectures are no longer obvious but the window frame is always identifiable. Indeed, even in the finest detail can these social differences be revealed. In addition, the Colombelles plateau was built for families where one or several members worked at the SMN which resulted in surveillance and voyeurism. Thus, while observing the course of life being lead during nighttime in these households, I wanted to transcribe this indiscretion, while respecting their intimacy.
Casket, design, 2017
Size: 30,5 x 43 cm
Printing method: laser
Number of copies: 1
tintin !

Fanzine retracing the construction process of the "tintin!" piece of furniture at the esam, Caen.

Project supervised by Benjamin Hochart, Lina Hentgen and the collective Fichtre!
Fanzine, 2019
Size: 10,5 x 21 cm
Printing method: risography
Number of copies: 200